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Help us go FASTER than ever before!

We are looking to raise $4,000 to support the construction of the BAJA vehicle, your funding goes to various channels that will allow us to represent our school in the best way possible.

Our Challenge

The competition is an annual event that thousands of students from North America participate in to determine which school can design the best off road vehicle. In addition to designing, building, testing, and racing the Baja buggy on our own, we will be organizing our facilities, obtaining funding, purchasing materials, and adhering to all SAE regulations; all of this will happen while balancing a full course load.

The Team

Our team is made up of six core mechanical engineering tech. students and a group of valued advisers including teachers, engineers and previous team members. Our 2016 team focuses on improving the vehicles acceleration and maneuverability. To do this we are:

  •           Redesigning the suspension
  •       Redesigning and shortening the roll cage

With the help of your funding we are confident in our ability to complete the task we have set out for ourselves. We have the motivation, skill, and work-ethic and with your support we will be able to meet our goals

Back: Kelvin Kashangura

Front (From left to right): Huy An, William Gaqui, Darby Ellis

Industry Partners 

  •           Laser-Fab will be cutting our frame pipe. With their TRUMPF TruLaser which has accuracy of +/-0.005” thus reducing the margin of error significantly. Laser-Fab gave us the unique experience of dealing with real world industry standards, allowing us to apply to broaden our knowledge beyond the classroom.

  •           Applied Research and Innovation Services (ARIS) since the members of ARIS are experienced engineers/technicians they are able to foresee problems that we as students couldn’t. They allow our team to use their facilities and tools for the manufacture of our vehicle.


      Budget Breakdown


      Transportation includes shipment of our vehicle and tools, flights and lodging. Materials and parts include everything that makes up our vehicle. Many tools are not available or portable at SAIT, purchasing these tools allow us to be prepared and competitive during competition. Equipment ranges from racing suits to helmets for our racers. Services includes everything us students cannot do, from welding to coping.

  Thank you for supporting our project!

Hard Work Paying Off !

  Published on Tuesday, May. 3, 2016 at 03:42 AM (MST)

Apologies on the lack of updates !

We've been hard at work, 12 hour days.. but it's all coming together ! 

Shipment tomorrow ! Some updated pictures as well.

Thanks to everyone on the help thus far !

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Young Once Seniors Association of Calgary

Gave $1,000.00

Konstantin Klemens

Gave $25.00

Park N Play Design Co Ltd Park N Play Design Co Ltd

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Garikai Zemura

Gave $100.00

Pierre Lauzon

Gave $100.00

MCE Contracting Ltd. Ellis

Gave $500.00

Louise Lauzon

Gave $100.00

Ed Deviat

Gave $100.00

Calgary Filipino Lions Club

Gave $1,000.00

Pangasinan Society of Calgary

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Melissa Woodworth

Gave $15.00

Paul Racz

Gave $10.00

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Give $5

Every bit helps! This helps us pay for every nut and bolt.

Jump Start

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Your donation is getting us dangerously competitive. A donation of this amount helps us buy safety equipment for the race. We will recognize your donation with a personalized shout out on all our social media.


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A gift of this amount will help us cover the cost for a hotel room for 6 of our team members during our stay in Gorman. We will recognize your donation with a personalized Emblem of your choice/design on our side panels. Plus all Jump Start rewards.


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You're arguably the best. A gift of this amount could help us afford paying the expert at Laser-Fab to do custom coping. Plus Driver rewards.


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A donation of this amount goes towards big purchases. This includes the engine, fluids, and fabrication costs. You also get your emblem of your choice on our firewall, plus a super special video expressing our thanks from our Team. Plus Racer rewards.

Speed Demon

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A donation of this amount goes toward every part of this project! From the first nuts and bolts to shipping the vehicle to competition. Our team appreciates your help! Plus Gear Head rewards.

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